Bi-Metallic Lugs

Bi-Metallic Lugs are made from the Highest Quality Electrolytic Grade Copper & Aluminium which are joined using a friction welding process. The barrels are chemically treated to reduce resistance & Corrosion. The barrels are filled with a jointing compound, which breaks the oxide layers on the Aluminium Conductor.

The most crucial process in the manufacturing of bimetallic lugs is friction welding, and our in-house friction welding machine (Kuka, Germany) is CNC controlled and is second to none.

The advantage of our machine is that the turning attachment first takes a light cut on the copper palm on the machine itself which minimizes atmospheric oxidation thus resulting in a very sound weld joint. Apart from this the entire machine is PLC controlled and has servo-controlled motors, this results in strict parameter control again resulting in a sound weld joint.

Material :- ETP Copper & Aluminum

Finish :- Natural